Always an Adventure

This is how I love to remember my mom. Scheming, mischievous, and ready for a good laugh.

DSC_1456 (2)

Gosh, what I’d give to hop back into this picture! I was in college and told my mom I needed to go bra shopping before returning to school. She said she had extra bras and offered me a few of hers. I chuckled, probably kicked out my hip a bit, likely put my hands on my hips and smirked, saying “I don’t think yours would be big enough.”

The next thing I know, she’s parading around the house with earphones blaring and bee-bopping around in one of MY bras!

“Doesn’t fit, huh?” she mouthed to me.

I couldn’t even try to pretend I was annoyed. I was howling with laughter.

Today marks eight months since my mom passed away. Eight months and two days since I last talked to my mom. Gosh, it feels like years in someways. At other moments, I relive this picture as if it were just yesterday. I love to hold on to pictures of her just like this. So full of joy and life.

Rather than her death being the reason I stay in bed, she’s the reason I get out. Rather than feeling sad all the time (some of the time is totally acceptable), she’s the reason I know how to smile. Rather than just miss her, I remember how much I still know her love.

Here’s to her ability to make everything fun and her serious commitment to laughter and joy. Life was always an adventure with Mary. May she rub off on us all!







2 Replies to “Always an Adventure”

  1. Emily, I am so touched by your blog. You are an amazing woman, the woman your mom and dad dreamed you would be. This story cracks me up, your mom found joy in everything that she did especially with your family. She was truly a light while she was here and she is definitely a glow from heaven above. Xo


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