The “& Co.”

A few people have asked me why we are named Whistling and Company. 

Well, it started with a Google search and a little research with Merriam-Webster.

For one, I liked that as an aspiring jewelry brand, Whistling & Co. sounded vaguely familiar to another somewhat well-known jewelry company, cough-Tiffany & Co.-cough.

But even more so, I love how Merriam-Webster defines company

  1. The state or condition of being with another person;
  2. Someone or something you spend time with or enjoy being with;
  3. A body of soldiers; especiallya unit (as of infantry) consisting usually of a headquarters and two or more platoons.
File_000 (1).jpeg
Last October, this group of longtime friends — our soldiers — all walked for Team Mary Brown in the Walk for Hope. Let me tell you, six miles was much easier with them.

Each of these definitions suits us well.

As we consider the first, I’m reminded of the idea of having strength in numbers. Being with others very basically means we are not alone. I also love that nothing more is required. You aren’t called to fix, entertain or distract. Just be with others, anything else is gravy.

As we consider the second definition, we realize that not only are we with people, we are with people we enjoy. It’s pleasant and comfortable with this kind of company. We’re safe.

The third definition. Ya’ll, this is my favorite. We’re frikin’ soldiers. As we consider the third definition, we are reminded that as members of a company — a unit — we may be called on to be bold and courageous (often more often than we’d like). Soldiers are equipped for conflict, battle and enduring discomfort and so are we. But we have our company covering us on all sides. We have our Whistles as our armor and boast in hope until our hearts believe it. (Because, let’s be honest, some days darkness feels much more real.) Together, we are a company.

As a company, we are unified as we acknowledge that life is no cake walk.

It may be a stretch, but to me, & Company only underscores our commitment to community.  We’re emphasizing the power of us, rather than I. The word Whistling was very intentionally chosen in it’s active tense because this demonstrates how the act of Whistling is happening, rather than happened. It never ends, is currently in progress and requires constant activity. And so, we are Whistling & Company. 

I’ve seen this idea of being in company play out in so many ways since my mom passed away. I’ve talked about our Pizza Night Tradition that has withstood a serious leadership change only to be still thriving and sure. At Thanksgiving, we circled up with friends as we mourned and simultaneously counted our blessings.

Around Easter this year, my dad was pulling into our driveway as he noticed the three-year-old from next door hiding Easter eggs, plain as day, in our front yard. “Mr. Rick! Mr. Rick! I hid Easter eggs for you!” My dad played along as the eager hunter retrieved all the eggs for my dad. The young boy’s mom explained that he specifically wanted to come over to “Mr. Rick’s” so my dad could have an Easter Egg Hunt too. Besides being adorable, I think this also demonstrates that the idea of company is innate in us. Years, trouble and walls may hide it but unity is in us all.
File_000About two weeks ago, one of my greatest hopes for Whistling & Co. became a reality. Our necklaces signal to others our predisposition to Whistling. In the same breath we may mention darkness and light. We might admit fear just as much as we talk of joy. As more and more of us are wearing these tokens of hope, folks recognize the necklaces as a symbol and more than an accessory.

Well, at Trader Joe’s last week, a friend of mine from college met a friend of mine from home only because one recognized the other’s Whistle necklace. (–>)

That’s what this is all about!


We are a unit. No matter where we all are, scattered around the country, know that there is a darn good chance someone else is wearing a necklace just like you at any given time. How astounding is that?? (Fellas, key chains are coming soon!)

When I get down and sad or when reality becomes clouded with fear and darkness or when hiding honestly sounds like the only viable option left, it’s in those moments that I remember I am in company with absolute soldiers. We’re here and we’re fighting together.

We are not alone.



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